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MoonDreams Music is multi-genre, award-winning singer/songwriter Susan Moss.  Susan's first release on her independent record label, MoonDreams Music Recording Group, was Carousel Dreams - A Collection of Lullabies, which won a few awards, including Parents' Choice.  Her next release was a soft rock song, Diamond Dreams, which was produced by award winning producer and musician, Dean Bailin who played guitar on the  Pina Colada song which was a hit record by Rupert Holmes in the 70's.  Diamond Dreams is MoonDreams Music's most streamed song to date.  Other songs realeased by MoonDreams Music covered such genres as pop, ambient, and a 60's cover song.  Her current recording is a chilled out  remix of her second most streamed song, Tropical Breeze, remixed by the very talented artist and music producer, Stoneygate.  New music is in the works!

Tropical Breeze Teaser

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